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Shasta Series X-ray Tube Power Supply

Oxford Instruments Shasta series power supply features a robust design that has been optimized to power grounded filament X-ray tubes from Oxford Instruments, yet its versatility enables it to power virtually any grounded filament X-ray tube.

Utilizing closed loop emission control circuitry that delivers low ripple, Shasta provides highly regulated beam current and high stability resulting in superior performance. Local and remote analog control enables convenient operation in setting voltage & emission current.

Models with grid focus control are designed to provide optimal performance with our Apogee tubes.


Operating Voltage Range 0-50kV
Maximum Power 50W
Maximum beam current 1.0mA
DC Filament Supply Current: 0.3 to 3.5A Voltage: 0 to 5.0 VDC
Voltage Regulation Load: < 0.01 % for 50% of max load variation Line: < 0.01% for 10% change in input voltage
Current Regulation Load: < ± 2µA (Beam Current) Line: < ± 2µA (Beam Current)
Ripple < 100V peak to peak
Stability ± 0.1% over an 8-hour period after 30-minutes warm-up
Input Voltage & Power 24VDC, ± 10%; 100 Watts
Voltage Control Local: via multi-turn potentiometer (kV ADJ); Remote: via external voltage source 0 to 10V (accuracy ± 1%)
Interlock Short to GND through a 12V lamp: HV/ON, OPEN:HV/OFF
Protection Over voltage, over current protection. Arc, short circuit.
Ambient Temperature Conditions Operational: 0 to 45˚C Storage: -20 to + 85˚C
Temperature Coefficient 0.01 % per ˚C, voltage and current
Dimensions 5.5” H x 3.3” W x 9.45” D (140mm x 83.5mm x 240mm)
Weight 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs.)
Regulatory & Safety Meets the requirements of IEC61010-1:2010, EN61010-1: 2010, UL61010-1: 2012, CA N/CSA C22.2 No.; 61010- 1:2012 and 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive. Product carries the TUV SUD c/us mark.

- Compact Design

- Adjustable Emission Current

- Voltage & Current Programming

- XRF, XRD, Medical Imaging, Industrial Inspection & NDT

- Safety Interlock

- Bias Voltage Option Available

- UL, CE & TUV Certified

  • XRF
  • Medical Imaging
  • Industrial Inspection
  • NDT

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