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1000 Series Glass X-ray Tube

Oxford Instruments glass X-ray tubes are recognized for their performance and long life.

High flux and spot size stability make our X-ray tubes an ideal solution for demanding applications, such as those requiring continuous operation. The 90507 and other 1000 series tubes are uniquely designed with a very small isostatically focused spot for high resolution applications, such as mini C-Arm fluoroscopy. The robust electron gun assembly has been constructed for optimal use in integrated X-ray sources, where heat dissipation is an issue. Long tube life is achieved by ultra-high vacuum maintained with the Oxford Instruments unique Pin Flash getter. This tube operates in bi-polar mode.

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Operating Voltage Range 90507, 90501: 40-80kV (bi-polar operation: -40kV cathode, +40kV anode) 90502: 40 - 65kV
Maximum Power See Product Quote table below.
Maximum beam current See Product Quote table below.
Maximum Filament Current 1.7A
Filament Voltage 2.0V (nominal)
Focus to Object Distance (FOD) 14.2mm (0.56”) (nominal)
Window material and thickness Glass—1.40mm ± 0.15
Target material W
Target angle 20°
Maximum oil temperature 80°C
Cooling method Oil
Weight 114g (0.25lbs)
Storage conditions -10°C to 55°C, Barometric Pressure: 50-106kPa; Humidity: 10-90% (no condensation)

Exceptional image quality -

Stable X-ray output - delivers high precision measurements

Small, stable spot - delivers distortion-free measurements

RoHS compliant design -

  • CT imaging for life sciences and industrial inspection
  • Densitometry
  • Thickness gauging
  • Phase contrast imaging
  • Medical imaging

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Product Name Part NumberOutline DrawingTargetOperating Range (kV)Max Anode Current (mA)Max Anode Power (W)Max Filament Current (A)Spot Size (µm)**  
X-ray Tube, 1000 Glass, W, HP, BiPolar 905018218W40 - 800.7561.7100 Max. Add to quote list
X-ray Tube, 1000 Glass, W, HP 905028218W40 - 650.532.51.790 Max. Add to quote list
X-ray Tube, 1000 Glass, W, VHP, BiPolar 905078218W40 - 800.5401.733 Nom. Add to quote list

Note: Part number specific copies of outline drawings and product specification sheets are available.
**Max. = Maximum, Typ. = Typical, Nom. = Nominal (per IEC60336,NEMA XR5-1999)

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