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1000 Series Glass X-ray Tube - 90507

Oxford Instruments glass X-ray tubes are recognized for their performance and long life.

High flux and spot size stability make our X-ray tubes an ideal solution for demanding applications, such as those requiring continuous operation. The 90507 is uniquely designed with a very small isostatically focused spot for high resolution applications, such as mini C-Arm fluoroscopy. The robust electron gun assembly has been constructed for optimal use in integrated X-ray sources, where heat dissipation is an issue. Long tube life is achieved by ultra-high vacuum maintained with the Oxford Instruments unique Pin Flash getter. This tube operates in bi-polar mode.

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Exceptional image quality -

Stable X-ray output - delivers high precision measurements

Small, stable spot - delivers distortion-free measurements

RoHS compliant design -

  • CT imaging for life sciences and industrial inspection
  • Densitometry
  • Thickness gauging
  • Phase contrast imaging
  • Medical imaging

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