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UltraBright 96000 Series 90kV Microfocus X-ray Source

The UltraBright Microfocus System 96000 Series is a 90kV, 80W X-ray source designed for applications where high brightness, high magnification and small spot size are important. Operated by an external high voltage Smart Controller capable of providing variable voltage and power control, the UltraBright Microfocus System delivers exceptional magnification and image quality with full control of “Brightness”. Maximum flux output is maintained through automatic matching of a given power setting to a corresponding optimal spot size.

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  • The UltraBright 96000 Series is a fully integrated 90kV X-ray source. Its high voltage power supply and controller provide variable control of high voltage from 10-90kV and beam current from .33-2 milliamps with full control of “Brightness”. The Smart Controller calculates spot size for a given power setting for maximum flux output.
  • Voltage and current rating (90kV, 2.0mA) are subject to maximum power dissipation rating of 80W. The X-ray tube assembly is sealed, air-cooled, and rated for continuous operation.
  • X-ray microfocus spot size is continuously adjustable from 14µm to 20µm. Power de­rating is provided at small spot sizes but source power is greater than or equal to 20W for a 20µm spot size.
  • The anode target material is comprised of Tungsten as standard, however other targets are available (Cu, Mo). The target is inclined at a takeoff angle of 15 degrees with respect to the electron beam, and the exit window is aligned at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the electron beam, so that a round microfocus X-ray spot is projected through the exit window.
  • The stability of the microfocus X-ray spot shall be less than 5µm RMS over a period of 8 hours, as verified by test. A warm- up time of up to two hours is necessary in order to meet this specification.
  • The system is supplied with a 254 micron Be exit window, allowing for close coupling (4mm) of object with the anode X-ray spot.
  • LabVIEW RT Software Interface: The Smart Controller is outfitted with a software package that provides remote control of the various functions, such as kV, mA, Brightness, power etc. It includes an RS232 Communication package and an RT version of National Instruments LabVIEW. See Software control datasheet for complete description.

Exceptional magnification and image quality -

High power operation - ideal for high flux applications and experiments

Integrated package - eliminates HV cable for improved reliability

Complete range of user control - ideal for research applications

Compact, lightweight design - ideal for portable applications

  • Microtomography
  • Microfluorescence
  • Microdiffraction
  • CT imaging for life sciences and industrial inspection

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