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Trinity 80kV, 33µm, 40 Watt Integrated X-ray Source

Trinity is an 80kV, 33µm, 40W, fully shielded integrated X-ray source designed for high resolution imaging applications, making it ideal for industrial inspection and non-destructive testing applications including PCB assembly, battery, plastic, metal and mechanical parts inspection, yet is versatile enough for medical imaging applications.

Trinity is configured in a compact, programmable package that simplifies communications and system integration without the need for high voltage cable connections or additional shielding, making it extremely reliable and cost-efficient. Side window and end window orientations are available.

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Small, stable spot delivers distortion free measurements -

Compact, programmable, integrated package enables ease of installation and improved reliability -

XT proprietary shielding minimizes weight while ensuring extremely low radiation leakage -

LED indicators provide constant system status -

Fully lead-free and RoHS compliant -

  • Medical imaging
  • Inspection of printed circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Nondestructive testing of plastic, metal and mechanical parts
  • CT imaging for life sciences and industrial inspection applications
  • Food or Packaging imaging


Control Interface Box PN 9100006: An optional adapter for manual analog control may be ordered – useful for lab use and qualification testing.

Side window and end window orientations are available.

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